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Klei Ceramics

One Of A Kind Squiggle Mugs

One Of A Kind Squiggle Mugs

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Each Mug in this collection is handthrown with no specs in mind. This makes for unique one of a kind mugs. Each mug is glazed with my signature glaze which is food safe, microwave safe and dishwasher safe. 

Each Squiggle is hand painted and free form. 

I have listed below the ounces that each mug holds. As well as the inches tall by the inches wide at the mouth. Each variant will be linked to its photo :)

1: 13.4oz  4.3”x3”

2: 13.5oz  4.5”x3”

3: 15oz  4”x3.5”

4: 13oz  3.75”x3”

5: 12oz  3.4”x3”

6: 13.5oz  3.75”x3.25”

7: 12.5oz. 3.5”x3”


Mid fired stoneware and glazes mixed from scratch

Care information

Clean any raw clay with warm water and gentle detergent, make sure to let it dry throughly.

Mugs and other housewares are dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended.

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