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Klei Ceramics

One Of A Kind Fruit Bowls

One Of A Kind Fruit Bowls

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Every Bowl is unique and an exploration in shape. The interior of each is glazed.

Both bowls are attached in this version. So each is just one piece.

Please refer to the chart below to see the size of each piece as they vary greatly.

Total height in inches x Lip opening in inches

1: 7.2”x8.7”

2: 5.6”x9.8”

3: 6.7”x7”

4: 5.5”x7.7”

5: 6.5”x7.5”

6: 6”x7.25”

7: 6.6”x5.6”

8: 6.2”x5.3”


Mid fired stoneware and glazes mixed from scratch

Care information

Clean any raw clay with warm water and gentle detergent, make sure to let it dry throughly.

Mugs and other housewares are dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended.

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